Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Month

One month ago (I think?), I started the journey here. Well, tomorrow will be the one month (I think) anniversary of being here technically but I now haven't been in Sturgeon Bay for a month. It's been great, I have been meeting a lot of great people and I feel like my Spanish has increased as much as it would in a year of studying in school. I do end up speaking a lot of English here since I go to a bilingual school and all my classmates want to have conversations that I can't participate in when they are in Spanish and also talking to the other exchange students. Lately, I've been understanding more and my amount of saying "what?" has gone down significantly. 

Lately I've been having a lot of dreams involving the people back in Sturgeon Bay and they have been making me feel really weird. Like the first 5 minutes of being awake I've been feeling homesick and then the moment I step out of bed and look out the window, I am reminded of why I came here. Because it's amazing. At the conference at Grand Rapids in July, they told us all we should have a comfort food. I decided mine was going to be a bowl of bananas and strawberries; the other day I had a bowl of it and it was a shock to my system because it was just better. The fruit was so real and I just thought about how processed all the food in the U.S. actually is and how gross that is. I still like the U.S. because it is a cool place and I have to do a presentation on where I'm from and researching it makes me realize that Wisconsin, even Sturgeon Bay, has a really cool and unique culture. 

But so does Santa Cruz and Bolivia. I love everything about the culture here except for one thing: crocs. The worst shoe that's ever been invented and is nationally hated in the U.S. is actually an acceptable article of clothing. Everything else here is absolutely amazing. 

I don't really feel like typing anymore now so I'm done. Oh and today I ate cow tongue but the thing was is that I had it before in the U.S. at El Sazon in SB so my host family was shocked that I was just cool with it. The juice here is really good because it's actually the juice from fruit unlike back in the States. I don't know I thought I had more to say but I just forgot I guess. 

Love you all

P.S. I just downloaded ios 9 and I think they changed the font on the keyboard but I may just be paranoid. But otherwise I think I like the update

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